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Professional Practice, LLC

For the past 16 years, we have been offering a respectful, efficient, professional, personalized approach in communicating with you and your patients resulting in an excellent collections rate.


Professional Practice, LLC

Accurate billing and close follow up with insurance as they process claims, as well as professional, confidential, and respectful patient communication releases clinicians to work with their patients.  It also allows patients to receive the treatment that they need at the most affordable rates possible.
We offer a professional, personalized approach; communicating with you and your clients in a way that best suits you, via phone, fax, email, text, and surface mail.  We use stringent measures to ensure confidentiality and comfort for your clients, and limit liability for you. 
Professional Practice runs regular reports to identify trends in your practice and gather information to help you meet your goals.  Whether your goals have to do with revenue, hours worked, or reaching a specific demographic; we can help.
By hiring Professional Practice to take care of the administrative work, you can spend more time focusing on your patients.

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Professional Services

Good billers check all the right boxes, but an excellent biller thinks outside the box entirely to get the tricky projects done.

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Dollar Bills


We bill out charges within 5 days of receipt on average, and our clients can expect most payments within 23 days.


Credentialing & Contracting

Professional Practice can help you join the panels that will give you access to the patient demographic that you treat.

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Eligibility & Benefits Checks

Professional Practice completes benefits checks and patient estimates within 2 days and provides patients and their providers with detailed estimate of patient expense for treatment.

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Fee Negotiation

Most insurance companies will consider increasing a provider's contracted rates every now and then when presented with a solid proposal and courteous yet assertive follow up.


Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

Free access to software where you can schedule your appointments and get appointment reminders for your patients by phone, email, and text.

Click the "Complete Services List" button above for a comprehensive list.  If what you want isn't listed, we hope that you'll email us. We may have a way to help.

Questions about Billing Services:

PO Box 503010, White City, OR 97503

Phone (541) 941-7792

Thanks for reaching out!  We will respond to you in 48 hours or less. 

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