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Kareo Initial Training :
Estimated Time - 15 minutes (The time it takes to make a smoothie)

Charge Capture: 9 Minutes (The time it takes to brew a cup of coffee)

Kareo offers an extensive list of useful features, but you didn't hire a biller so that you could learn new software.  The one feature that you need to use to get claims billed out and money coming in is "Charge Capture".  The three videos below take about 9 minutes total, and the button to the left is a step-by-step printable list of directions for entering charges (aka: "Charge Capture"). 


Patient Payments & Navigation:
6 Minutes (The time it takes to blend a smoothie)  


The following two videos and printable step-by-step instructions show you basic navigation in the system and instructions for entering patient payments:

Other Features. Optional, but recommended (like coffee and smoothies)


Kareo offers all kinds of bells and whistles that may be very helpful for your practice.  Feel free to check out what they have to offer at your leisure.  Utilizing features other than Charge Capture and Patient Payments is optional, but recommended.   

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