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"Professional Practice has done an exceptional job on my billing, credentialing, and contracting for the past 11 years. Their work is honest, reliable, efficient, and prompt. They communicate with my clients clearly, compassionately, consistently, and respectfully. The staff at Professional Practice is proactive in educating themselves and preparing for changes in the industry. They make sure that my contracts have the best possible rates and that my claims are processed and paid per the contracted rates. I am confidently and securely able  to delegate the business portion of my Practice to Professional Practice without a worry, and focus on the clinical part of what I do. I highly  recommend Professional Practice for medical billing. 

Mary Martin, MA, MS, LPC

Medford, OR

Client Since 2008

"You and your colleagues have been  so patient.  You have listened to my questions and provided superb guidance with a rare blend of intelligence and forbearance.  In short, I owe you so much!  Your competence has so ably under girded me this year.  In my transition, you patiently and competently guided the process with as few delays and bumps as possible. "


Jim Stumbo, PhD, LMFT

Medford, OR

Client Since 2017

“Many thanks to you and your team. We couldn't have done this work without the relief you brought us in navigating the deep waters of medical billing.”

Anne Morton

Redemption Ridge

Medford, OR

Client Since  2020

"I appreciate the work you all do for me. People think billing, credentialing and following up is an easy task I realize from my years of overseeing organizations how much time it takes and the attention to detail required. I am grateful for you and your team."

Alan Ledford, PhD

Dragonfly Behavioral Health

Former Executive Director of Options

Client Since 2020

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