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Estimated Time - 20 minutes (The time it takes to watch a sit-com)

Office Ally in 1-2-3

Review the Weekly 'To-Do' List and complete the practice tasks so you're ready to use the new system
Come on - you can do anything for 20 minutes!


Weekly 'To-Do' List

When you complete this three-part checklist weekly, you will ensure that your claims are timely and you will have clear and open communication with the billing office to ensure a healthy revenue cycle for your practice.


Practice Tasks

Complete these practice tasks to ensure that you have clear understanding of the program and all the bugs are worked out.  

We will check the practice tasks on our end to make sure everything is in order.


QUICK LIST- Weekly 'To-Do'

After you're familiar with the process, you can use this 'Quick List' as a prompt to make sure all your bases are covered and nothing is missed - without flipping pages.

HELP!!  If you run into snags along the way, you can call

Office Ally Customer Support at (360)975-7000.

They can log into your account remotely to see what you’re seeing in real time and address the issue causing you trouble.

Want to get more out of the program? 
Videos: 10 Minutes (The time it takes to make a sandwich)

Office Ally offers a lot of useful features available to you, but many of them are optional. 

You'll need to know how to login, create visits, and track tasks in order to minimize your overhead and maximize your revenue.  The runtime for the three videos below is about 10 minutes.  Videos offer an initial view of the program and features, to make learning your 'To-Do' List smoother, easier, and more familiar.

Home Construction
Other Features. 

Features like integrated credit card processing, 'Best Practice' recommended reporting cycle, and other tips and tools are coming soon to this section.

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